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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Review

Shhh Its A Secret- GOOD talent. The music was also really awesome! I like the editing, the black and whit and blurry effects added something special. I think they could work on the sound editing.

Flinstones-  This video was REALLY artistic. I think they could have added sound, or someone talking.

The Void- This was an excellent video. I really like the music, but i think they could have made the recording of the music a little more clearer.

* Movement(My Group :) )- I think we could have worked on sound.

Cherry Bomb- Very funny, and good editing. I think there should have been more of a story behind it, it was very confusing at times.

Crazy Hair-  I really liked this video! It had a good editer(:

Motion Hand- Really good music.

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